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September 27, 2023

Still not sure about SiteGPT, EmbedAI has become the
go-to choice as a SiteGPT alternative for those migrating from SiteGPT for customer support, research and an AI assistant.

Create Your Chatbot

Easy Integration with Notion, Wordpress and Shopify with SiteGPT alternative

Train on files, websites and even on YouTube

Achieve faster results when it comes to training and retraining your content

Train on files, websites and even on YouTube

The enhanced customization and user-friendly UI make it a better choice than SiteGPT

Train on files, websites and even on YouTube

Meet the smarter AI SiteGPT alternative you've been missing!

Many chatbots allow users to train ChatGPT with their own content, but EmbedAI stands out for its user-friendly interface and extensive customization features.
Connect to your API Connecting your chatbot to your API or database is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. We're here to assist if you need help.
Easy to update Easily re-train your chatbot to keep it current.
Multilingual support Allows you to develop chatbots that can successfully interact with users from different linguistic backgrounds.
Human-Agent Support Allows visitors to escalate their queries to a human agent if needed.
SiteGPT alternative

Integrate with your API with SiteGPT alternative

Enable your personalized ChatGPT virtual assistant to seamlessly integrate with your proprietary backend API or any OpenAPI of your choice, providing your website visitors with the most up-to-date and valuable information. The possibilities are limitless!
Effortlessly link your API to ChatGPT for seamless data ingestion and chatbot training.
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Transform potential leads into customers with embedAI

Using EmbedAI, you'll gain access to a powerful messaging platform and escalation feature. This allows visitors to share their contact details if the chatbot cannot provide them with the answers they seek. This ensures that a human agent can follow up with them, maximizing your chances of converting leads.
Nurture Leads with human interaction Allows your visitors to engage with your chatbot, collect their contact information, and then transfer the conversation to a human agent. 
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Train your custom chatbot on your content with SiteGPT alternative

Unleash the full potential of your AI ChatGPT bot by tapping into the strength of various content sources. Seamlessly integrate data from a multitude of channels, including your website, knowledge base, support documents, text files, PDFs, YouTube video links, and Notion data. This comprehensive approach ensures that your chatbot can consistently provide accurate responses to visitor inquiries, 24/7.
Foster meaningful interactions with your chatbot by leveraging a wide array of content resources. Train it with diverse materials such as articles, PDFs, webpage links, and other pertinent sources.
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10 best SiteGPT alternatives

9 Best SiteGPT Alternatives to Try in 2023Chatbots and AI-driven customer support have revolutionized the way businesses interact with their customers. SiteGPT has been a significant player in this domain, but the world of AI chatbots is constantly evolving. In this article, we'll explore nine impressive SiteGPT alternatives that can help you enhance customer interactions, automate tasks, and streamline your business operations in 2023.

1. EmbedAI
EmbedAI is a versatile chatbot platform that allows you to create intelligent chatbots to streamline customer interactions and automate tasks. Key features include:Seamless integration with your website or app.Customizable chatbots tailored to your brand's tone and style.Multilingual support for global customer engagement.AI-driven responses for enhanced user experiences.
Pricing: Contact EmbedAI for detailed pricing information and plan options

2. Botsonic
Botsonic, created by Writesonic, harnesses the power of ChatGPT-4 to enable easy and code-free chatbot creation. It offers the following advantages:Customizable interactions guided by ChatGPT-4.Personalized customer experiences, tailored to your brand's tone and style.Seamless operation across digital touchpoints, available 24/7.Multilingual support and natural language processing for accurate interactions.
Pricing: Botsonic offers beginner plans starting at $20 per month, business plans at $19 per month, and an enterprise package with custom features (contact their sales team for pricing).

3. Chatfuel
Chatfuel is a user-friendly platform that helps you build chatbots to boost sales and support customer interactions. Notable features include:Utilizing GPT-4 for chatbot intelligence.Easy setup with basic business details.Engagement-focused customer communications.Ideal for straightforward chatbots; less suitable for complex interactions.
Pricing: Chatfuel offers a Grow subscription for $79/month with a 2-week free trial, and an Enterprise subscription with custom pricing (contact their support team).

4. Fini
Fini leverages ChatGPT technology to provide AI-driven customer support through chatbots. Key highlights of Fini include:Seamless integration with your knowledge base.A chatbot that operates 24/7, interacting with customers across various channels.Support for integrations with platforms like Slack and Discord.Scalability that grows with your business.
Pricing: Fini offers three plans: Starter (free, up to 25 questions/month), Advanced (starts at $0.076 per question with up to 10,000 questions/month), and Enterprise (custom pricing, starting at $9,599 billed annually, with unlimited questions and volume discounts).

5. Ingest AI
Ingest AI is a no-code builder that empowers anyone to create a chatbot assistant. Notable features include:Customized chatbot creation powered by GPT.Improved employee productivity and time-saving through automation.Instant responses for enhanced customer experiences.Support for automating repetitive tasks.
Pricing: Ingest AI offers three subscription plans: Starter ($39 per month), Pro ($89 per month), and Business ($480 per month), with a free trial including 100 requests.

6. Yuma AI
Yuma AI is designed for businesses using Shopify and excels in integrating with helpdesk software. Key features of Yuma AI include:Specialization in Shopify-centric business operations.Automation of functions, such as drafting responses to customer queries.Adapts to your brand's tone of voice.Supports multiple languages and various integrations.
Pricing: Yuma AI offers various plans, including Starter ($39/month), Starter+ ($99/month), Pro ($195/month), and Evolve ($495/month), with custom enterprise plans available.

7. BotMagic AI
BotMagic AI is suitable for startups, small businesses, enterprises, and hobbyists alike. Key features include:Optimization, development, and management of chatbots.Integration with internal data sources.Customization to suit specific business data and organizational needs.Streamlining of operations and enhanced efficiency.
Pricing: BotMagic AI offers flexible pricing depending on the chosen model or templates. Contact their team for specific pricing details.

8. Yellow AI
Yellow AI's no-code bot builder allows effortless AI chatbot setup for your business. Noteworthy features include:Utilizes the Dynamic Automation Platform.Automation of answers for frequently asked questions.Multilingual chat and voice bots across various channels.User-friendly interface and automated workflows for efficiency.
Pricing: Yellow AI offers a basic plan with limited features for free, while the Enterprise plan provides advanced settings and is priced upon request.

9. Robofy
Robofy can be seamlessly integrated into your website within minutes. Key highlights include:Integration with CRM systems and messaging platforms.Excellent data synchronization and workflow support.24/7 availability for customer interactions.Support for multiple languages with customizable response language.
Pricing: Robofy offers a free plan (crawls up to 5 pages of your website), a basic plan starting at $9/month, and enterprise plans with advanced features.

Simplified offers an effortless way to create chatbots that deliver consistent and effective customer interactions. This no-code chatbot builder allows you to customize the bot's appearance to match your brand. Key features include:Training the chatbot by simply uploading a URL or files.Easy editing of responses and behavior to optimize customer interactions.Embedding the chatbot as a bubble on your website.Personalized customer experiences, consistent interactions, and effective support.

Pricing: Simplified offers a free plan with basic features and a basic subscription starting at $12 per month, which includes 4000 message credits.

In ConclusionAs we step into 2023, the world of AI-driven chatbots continues to evolve, offering businesses a wide array of alternatives to SiteGPT. Whether you're looking to streamline customer support, automate tasks, or enhance user experiences, these SiteGPT alternatives provide the tools you need to stay competitive in the digital landscape. Evaluate your specific requirements and choose the chatbot solution that best aligns with your business goals and customer needs.

FAQs- SiteGPT alternative

SiteGPT is a platform powered by artificial intelligence that generates a customized chatbot based on the content of a user's website. This tool enables users to effortlessly create a chatbot without any programming knowledge required. All they need to do is enter their website URL and choose the specific pages they want the chatbot to be trained on.

No, there is no free plan. But, you can also go to sitegpt.ai/demo and try the demo bot.

You can create a chatbot for your website in three simple steps. 
Step 1: Enter your website URL. 
Step 2: Start Training. 
Step 3: Get your own embeddable chatbot.

One of the top alternatives to SiteGPT is EmbedAI, which offers a more cost-effective and feature-packed solution compared to SiteGPT. However, if EmbedAI doesn't quite meet your needs, our blog includes several additional alternatives for you to consider.

SiteGPT supports a variety of content types, including CSV, TXT, PDF, DOCX, PPTX, and MD files. Additionally, you have the option to train the chatbot by providing a website link, a sitemap link, a Zendesk Help Center link, or a Gitbook link. Simply enter a URL, and the chatbot will be trained on all the content available on that webpage.

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