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September 23, 2023
FocusFusion is your personal productivity app, designed exclusively for macOS. It empowers you to take charge of your workday, fostering improved habits through incentivizing sharper focus and heightened efficiency.

FocusFusion is designed to enhance habit-building by offering positive feedback and tracking your progress in eliminating unfavorable habits. By seeking permission to access your browser and select apps, it gathers data to assess the productivity of a website or app using its advanced machine learning model. Not only does it monitor your activity durations on these platforms, but it also provides insights into where you're investing most of your time. This data assists users in identifying and reducing time-wasters. Additionally, FocusFusion offers features like setting daily limits for apps and websites, syncing across Apple devices, and receiving usage notifications. Its strict mode ensures users can't easily override set limits, reinforcing healthier digital habits.

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